First Post

Oh herrooo there, blogging world of WordPress! I feel like such a grown up moving my blogging hobby onto here, all my past blogs have existed via blogspot (lame), tumblr (uber lame), or mass emails sent to friends and family during my travels (what are we, in the Stone Age?). So I'm stoked to move my ramblings, travel accounts and occasional science factoids to a new and snazzy-looking home. I started blogging when I studied abroad in Australia in 2010 and absolutely loved it (both the blogging and Australia, duh), but when I came home my life just seemed so boring comparatively that it kind of took the fun out of blogging. It would have read like this: June 16, 2010 "Oh my gahhhhd today I swam with majestic sea turtles and got stung by a bluebottle jellyfish and then drank beers with pro surfers my life ROCKS!" June 20, 2010: "Today...I walked the dog. She pooped. I picked it up. Then I took a nap. Then...then....psh, nevermind" (aka Australia was the time of my life and it was slightly depressing coming home) ANYWAY, I haven't really gotten back into blogging since! Actually, I made an attempt when I was traveling to Fiji for 2 months - I had it all set up via tumblr and was stoked and ready to go, flew over there, gathered some good blogging material in my head for a few days or so, and then sat down to type furiously and gloriously about my experiences...but then the Fijian government blocked my website for reasons completely unknown to me (I seriously didn't tell anyone about those plans to topple the dictatorship). Sooo there went that. And now, here I am, sitting down for attempt #3 and actually getting pretty stoked about it, because I kind of want to be a writer. Kiiind of. I also kind of want to be a professional underwater explorer. And a successful painter living in San Francisco. Oh and also a science writer/marine biology professor. And maybe a model for mermaid costumes or something, you know how it goes, changes every day. But, in reality the marine biologist thing is kind of what I got going for me these days, it's what all the shit on my resume tells the world I do. BUT, I think the only cool thing about being an underemployed 20-something year old living with your parentals these days, is that you can afford to pursue other interests you've always wanted to explore. Like writing. And painting. And volunteering at science museums. :) So here's to that! Doing things just for the sake of doing them! And doing them well! Hellz yeah! (ew I promise no more z's instead of s's, my mom does that in texts - "Whatz up" "Seriously mom?! There is no difference between a z or an s on your T9 phone.") Okay wrapping up first post, now I'm going to fiddle with settings and colors and customizations, joy!