TED I <3 you.

No, no, no, I'm not doing this again. I'm not going to start up a new blog, be super stoked on it for a short time, and then let it fall to the wayside, trumped by my long list of seemingly more important responsibilities! I love writing, it's one of the only things I do for myself these days, and I'm not going to stop doing this. It's happened before, many a time, but not this time, not this blog! Haha so here I am, digging eastofthewoods out of its shallow, short-lived grave before the dirt gets too firm for me to sink my shovel into it (too far? Yup, too far)

Maybe someday I'll post the rest of the photos from my epic August adventures (such an amazing month), but it's not a priority. Right nowww, I want to post this TED talk I just watched (life goal: be invited to do one of those things) that had an inspiring and interesting message: A super rad social psychologist named Amy Cuddy shared her findings concerning the effects of "power poses" (standing with your legs apart, hands on your hips; sitting with arms draped across other chairs, confidently taking up lots of space; etc etc). She investigated not how they affect other people's opinions about you, but how they can affect how you perceive YOURSELF. Apparently, simply standing or sitting in one of these power positions for 2 minutes can alter the levels of testosterone and cortisol in your brain, and can actually make you FEEL more confident and powerful! Fascinating. You guys should watch the video, there's a lot more in there that I don't have the time to summarize.

[ted id=1569]

We always have known that our brains affect our bodies, but this is one example among a lot more cropping up recently that provides evidence that it can go the other way around. Our brains are proving to be much more plastic than we ever thought, which I think has really cool implications for people who want/need to change negative thought and/or behavioral patterns. I know a lot of amazing young women who don't think they're good enough, or smart enough, or brave enough, but studies like this show that you really can change those thought patterns for the better! 

So why don't you give it a try today?? Stand in a power position for 2 minutes before you have to do something you're nervous or unconfident about - see if it changes any outcomes!