On Kitty Puke and Sea Stars

This morning.....sucked. I haven't woken up this ragingly grumpy since I was a hormonal preteen. Maybe because, oh wait, I was woken up around 1am last night by the sound of my cat PUKING, on my BED, next to my FACE. Cue gag-inducing image of cat-food colored nastiness hurtling towards your face, you dodge, it lands right under your boob and even though you are still half-asleep suddenly you're doing this awkward jumping thing to try to get out of your bed because, hang on, there are 3 more piles of puke neatly arranged around your (once) sleeping body. What!!!!!!! So yeah, this morning sucked.

I'm heading out to my little lab tech job at UCLA in about an hour, which to be quite honest probably won't lead to a burgeoning mood, even though I really do like the people I work with. The lab is studying chemical communication of marine (mostly intertidal) animals, so right now we're working with sea stars. Very slow-moving sea stars.


It took this little guy above almost an hour to realize that mussel was full of yummy protein gel, move over to it and start to eat it. Haha oh man, it's not always super monotonous though, we do get to go out to Malibu every week or so to return the sea stars we've used and go collect more! Always really nice to get out there :)


Alright, I feel mildly better now having done something (slightly) productive before 11am. Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope it started on a much happier note for you than it did me. Adios.