Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th!! Possibly the most auspicious day for embarking on a trip to Vegas (which I'm doing in T-minus 2.5 hours) because bad things like stealing cop cars and finding abandoned babies in your hotel room are worth like 1000 points there. Bring it on, unlucky calendar day! Whatever you throw in my path I will spin into gold, with the help of tequila and my high-heels-made-for-walking, and my amazing friends who are flying in from various places to make this weekend absolutely EPIC! So stoked :) In other news, I had an awesome experience today with one of those awkward situations we all know and love - the one where you're sitting in a crowded public place where you're supposed to be quiet and keep to yourself (ie library, airplane, dentist waiting room, basically any waiting room) and you inevitable experience the most hilarious thing in your entire life and have to try super super hard not to laugh out loud and embarrass yourself. Well, today, I was at my favorite coffee shop reading posts from this fantastic writer's blog, shoulders shaking, nearly in tears, amidst 4 very silent and very studious adults, when one of them finally looked up and asked me what was so funny. After about 10 seconds of trying to get my shit together, I shared, and they asked for the link, so I gave it to them, and over the next 10 minutes we all independently and not-so-silently laughed at the same thing. It was AWESOME.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I will leave you with this awesome video of a HUGE pod of dolphins swimming with our boat in Malibu. Please ignore my ridiculously happy voice saying very redundant things in the background.


(not sure how to embed the video into the post...anyone?)