My work has focused on the effective management and conservation of coastal marine ecosystems, and much of my scientific research (also detailed in my CV) involved applied projects that help to inform policy decisions or spatial management plans. During my graduate school career, I investigated the genetic connectivity patterns of fishery-targeted coral reef species in Fiji to help inform the design of a proposed expanded protected area network in the country (learn more about the project with the video below!). I also worked with Reef Check to conduct the first longitudinal assessment of coral reef health in the region of Miches, Dominican Republic, combining several years of coral reef survey data with public policy and socioeconomic information to identify feasible management scenarios for that area. 

Carbon sequestration by marine and terrestrial ecosystems has been another focus of mine, and during my graduate career and subsequent Knauss Fellowship I worked extensively on nature-based solutions to climate change—including the protection and management of coastal blue carbon habitats to achieve global climate goals.